Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy  


Mike JohnsonMichael E. Johnson

Professor & Director, Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy

University of Illinois at Chicago
Molecular Biology Research Building
900 South Ashland (M/C 870)
Chicago IL 60607-7173

Office: 3072 MBRB
Office Phone: 312-996-9114
Lab Phone: 312-413-9304 / 312-996-5388
Fax Number: 312-413-9303
e-mail address:


Postdoc 1973-74 Biophysics University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D. 1973 Physics (Biophysics Program) Northwestern University
M.S. 1970 Physics Northwestern University
B.S.(honors) 1968 Physics University of Wyoming

Research Interests:

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) studies of protein and peptide 3D structure, macromolecule-ligand interactions, computer-aided design and structural bioinformatics. Applications to sickle hemoglobin, the coagulation proteases, structural studies of the cytosckeletal protein, spectrin, and mechanisms of antibiotic resistance. Computer-aided molecular design of potential therapeutic agents. Current projects include NMR structure determination of spectrin domains, QSAR analysis of bacterial antibiotic potentiators, design of inhibitors for the coagulation cascade enzymes thrombin and factor Xa, and design of antisickling agents.

Professional Organizations:

American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
American Chemical Society
Biophysical Society
Protein Society
Sigma Xi

Edited Journals and Honorarium:

Established Investigator, American Heart Association (1979-1984)
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow (1974)

Select Publications:

  1. S. Park, L. Wanna, M.E. Johnson and D.L. Venton (2000) "A mass spectrometry screening method for antiaggretory activity of proteins covalently modified by combinatorial library members: application to sickle hemoglobin," Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry, 2, 314-317. (Abstract)
  2. S. Park, M.E. Johnson and L. W.-M. Fung (2000) "NMR analysis of secondary structure and dynamics of a recombinant peptide from the N-terminal region of human erythroid -spectrin," FEBS Letters, 485, 81-86. (Abstract)
  3. S. Park, S. Mehboob, B.-H. Luo, M. Hurtuk, M.E. Johnson and L. W.-M. Fung (2001) "Molecular studies of the erythrocyte spectrin tetramerization region," Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters, 6, 571-585. (Abstract)
  4. J. Cui, F. Marankan, W.T. Fu, D. Crich, A. Mesecar, and M.E. Johnson (2002) "An Oxyanion-Hole Selective Serine Protease Inhibitor in Complex with Trypsin," Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 10, 41-46. (Abstract)
  5. S. Park, M.E. Johnson and L.W.-M. Fung (2002) "NMR Studies of Mutations at the Tetramerization Region of Human Alpha Spectrin," Blood, 100, 283-288. (Abstract)
  6. S.Park, B.L. Hayes, F. Marankan, D.C. Mulhearn, L. Wanna, A.D. Mesecar, B.D. Santarsiero, M.E. Johnson, D.L. Venton (2003) "Regioselective Covalent Modification of Hemoglobin in Search of Antisickling Agents," Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 46, 936-953. (Abstract)
  7. J. Cui, D. Crich, D. Wink, M. Lam, A.L. Rheingold, D.A. Case, W.T. Fu, Y. Zhou, M. Rao, A.J. Olson, and M.E. Johnson (2003) "Design and Synthesis of Highly constrained Factor Xa Inhibitors: Amidine-Substituted Bis(benzoyl)-[1,3]-diazepan-2-ones and Bis(benzylidene)-Bis(gem-dimethyl)cycloketones," Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 11 (16), 3379-3392. (Abstract)
  8. S. Park, M.S. Caffrey, M.E. Johnson and L.W.-M. Fung (2003) "Solution Structural Studies on Human Erythrocyte Alpha Spectrin Tetramerization Site," Journal of Biological Chemistry, 278, 21837-21844. (Abstract)
  9. S. Mehboob, J. Jacob, M. May, L. Kotula, P. Thiyagarajan, M.E. Johnson and L. W.-M. Fung (2003) "Structural Analysis of the ?N-Terminal Region of Erythroid and Non-Erythroid Spectrins by Small Angle X-Ray Scattering," Biochemistry, 42(49), 14702-14710 (Abstract)